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Traffic Signals Go High Tech: Here’s How

Apr 27, 2015|Transportation|

+-*Traffic signals may never go away, but they’ll be more responsive to what’s on the road.

3 Passions, One Sponsorship, and a Hat Trick

Apr 24, 2015|Marketing Your Brand, Social Responsibility|

+-*Confessions of a hockey freak: Fandom and corporate sponsorship mashup brings community service.

Hands-On Data Analysis Takes a Shot at Traffic Congestion

Apr 23, 2015|Innovation, Transportation|

+-*Top data science students compete in Xerox-sponsored urban analytics contest.

Doing Business at a Busy Intersection on Earth Day

Apr 22, 2015|Earth Day, Social Responsibility|

+-*The intersection of business and the environment is busy all year long. So we publish environment-themed articles throughout the year.

91 and on the Job: How Technology Changed the Way I Work

Apr 15, 2015|General|

+-*Ida Thomas wanted to “run the other way” when a computer arrived at her desk. She adapted and wonders how she managed without it.