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Automate the Conversation with Your Customer

Oct 9, 2015|Customer Focus|

Here’s how virtual assistants have improved customer care, and what the technology will bring.

Automated Anti-Fraud Saves Millions in Massachusetts

Oct 7, 2015|Business Process Outsourcing, Healthcare|

How automation reduced fraud in public assistance, and made the workflow quicker — and more accurate.

Opioid Addiction: A Prescription for Disaster

Oct 5, 2015|Healthcare|

Opioid addiction afflicts people across age groups, gender and economic status. Four experts offer insight.

How Does Learning Happen? Take the Survey

Sep 28, 2015|Business Process Outsourcing|

How does your training organization get information to help your employees do their jobs better?

Four New Technologies for Pharmaceuticals

Sep 25, 2015|Healthcare, Printing, Publishing, Workflow|

Xerox to display high-tech products that solve problems with-counterfeiting, tracking, serialization and short-run production.