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Help and Jobs for U.S. Veterans

Jul 6, 2015|Human Resources|

This Xerox outreach team provides opportunities for veterans to pursue post-service dreams and find workplace success.

The Juicy Story of the ‘Hamburger Symbol’

Jul 2, 2015|Innovation|

Early personal computers were difficult to work on. Here’s how Xerox researchers solved that problem.

Avoid Parking Ticket Late Fees with Free Mobile Payments

Jul 1, 2015|Transportation|

A new smartphone application can take some of the pain out of paying your next parking ticket.

Diversity and Inclusion: It’s in our DNA

Jun 29, 2015|Corporate, Human Resources|

Xerox leaders have long practiced our belief that treating others with respect, and offering equal opportunities, makes us stronger.

Data Science that Simplifies Healthcare Delivery Analytics

Jun 26, 2015|Data, Healthcare|

PARC data scientists and Xerox clinical experts create data analytics platform that helps Medicaid administrators understand their programs’ impact.