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9 Insights to Transform Your Organization

Mar 4, 2015|Corporate|

“How do we do more with less” is the wrong question. You should ask: “How do we thrive in this new business environment?”

Can Translators Be Trusted With Your Business Information?

Mar 2, 2015|Business Process Outsourcing|

Four ideas you must consider when you engage translators with your company’s sensitive information.

February 28 Marks a Date of Distinction in Xerox History

Feb 28, 2015|Next 75|

The first Xerox 914 copier ever sold was installed 55 years ago today.

Gold or Blue? What’s the Hue? #TheDress

Feb 27, 2015|Innovation|

Color is subjective, as the Internet has proven again this week with the well-publicized ruckus over a simple dress.

How to Engage and Empower Patients in Healthcare

Feb 25, 2015|Healthcare|

A Google+ Hangout with Health IT Experts focused on how to overcome challenges in healthcare and engage patients for improved health outcomes.