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Diversity Is the Mix; Inclusion Is Making the Mix Work

Jul 23, 2014|Global Citizenship, Human Resource Outsourcing|

Diversity and inclusion are about enhancing our company’s ability to compete and reach new markets, improve results, and gain new perspective.

Five Steps for Coping with Difficult People

Jul 22, 2014|Customer Focus|

Your attitude toward cantankerous peoples really does make a difference. A 30-year Xerox veteran shares insights.

Is It The End Of Email As We Know It?

Jul 21, 2014|General, Services|

When will new technology relegate email to a secondary backup resource, akin to faxes and letter writing?

Home Runs Around the Globe: Xerox Scores Series of Awards

Jul 18, 2014|Corporate, Marketing/Brand|

Xerox’s trophy case runneth over. Some recent honors cite our leaders; others our company. Both ways, we have much news to share. This time: Xerox honors.

Not Your Average Pregnancy App

Jul 17, 2014|Healthcare|

The state of Wyoming offers a pregnancy smartphone app to engage patients and improve care for Medicaid members.