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Taking Bias out of Big Data

May 21, 2015|Data|

+-*Data bases contain biased information. Xerox data scientists consider algorithms that can prevent biased analytics.

Summer Travel Season to Bring Record Traffic

May 20, 2015|Transportation|

+-*More cars and more drivers does not have to mean more congestion. Xerox takes a swipe at traffic congestion.

4 Ideas to Keep Your Customers Faithful

May 18, 2015|Customer Focus|

+-*How to use data on your customers, and make them feel good about recommending your brand.

The Brand that Transformed an Industry

May 15, 2015|Marketing Your Brand|

+-*Cirque du Soleil’s brand guru says you must notice how customers feel when they interact with your brand.

Your Data is Your Pulse: Don’t Let Your Company Flat-Line

May 14, 2015|Data|

+-*Optimism tempered by challenges.