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Ursula Burns Shares Views and Lessons in France

Sep 22, 2014|Corporate|

At the French employers’ summer forum, CEO Ursula Burns shared her vision of Xerox’s transformation, and the business of tomorrow.

Here’s Why “Big Data” is a Big Deal

Sep 19, 2014|Data|

How the three types of data analytics can help us make sense of the world and predict our future

Good for Diversity, Good for Business: Here’s Why

Sep 18, 2014|Corporate, Social Responsibility|

PBS NewsHour’s ‘Making Sense’ asks CEO Ursula Burns how diversity helped Xerox survive and adapt to an ever-morphing market.

How Information Tech Makes Healthcare Better

Sep 17, 2014|Healthcare|

For National Health IT Week, here’s a look at mobile apps, data analytics and healthcare trends – all a result of smart applications of information technology.

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    Imagination and Art Create More Opportunities for More Innovation

Imagination and Art Create More Opportunities for More Innovation

Sep 16, 2014|Innovation, Social Responsibility|

Imagination is at the core of invention. Learn why art is a critical component of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).