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How HR Can Use Data in a Meaningful Way for Employees

Jan 26, 2015|Human Resources|

Your human resources department has data that can help your employees make better decisions.

Building the Smart City of the Future

Jan 23, 2015|Transportation|

Researchers look to a simulated city in Michigan for transportation solutions that will reduce congestion and emissions.

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    4 Takeaways for Retailers and Vendors After ‘The Big Show’

4 Takeaways for Retailers and Vendors After ‘The Big Show’

Jan 21, 2015|Services|

Even After National Retail Federation’s annual convention has ended, “The Big Show” continues for retailing professionals.

Practice “Change.” What a concept!

Jan 20, 2015|Business Process Outsourcing, Marketing Your Brand|

Learn how the best organizations transform in complex environments. We’ll share their insights at our simple@work event in February at the Savoy London.

Dr. King’s Legacy: An American Dream for All

Jan 19, 2015|Social Responsibility|

CEO Ursula Burns discusses the urgency behind improving education in the U.S., and keeping the U.S. on the leading edge of innovation and technology.