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Why Back-End Systems Drive Customer Experience

Sep 2, 2015|Customer Focus|

8 essential qualities in your back-end system that help you rock the customer experience.

3 Ways Automation Brings Magic to Accounting

Sep 1, 2015|Business Process Outsourcing|

Automation improves repetitive finance and accounting processes. The result: Finance departments work better. Here’s how.

Seats Plus Software: The New Model for Customer Care

Sep 1, 2015|Customer Focus|

Why combining human and machine intelligence can give you the edge you need.

The Great Convergence in Retail: Physical and Digital

Aug 31, 2015|Business Process Outsourcing|

A look at the “phygital” future of retail.

Broken Processes and Workplace Morale

Aug 31, 2015|Human Resources|

Are your processes getting in the way of your employees’ performance?