Ed Gala, Xerox VP of Global Experiential Marketing stands in front of Notre Dame's famous locker room sign in South Bend, Indiana.

Ed Gala, Xerox VP of Global Experiential Marketing, stands in front of Notre Dame's famous locker room sign in South Bend, Indiana.

While David Mitchell was rooting for the Xerox Ducati team in Portugal, I was cheering for Notre Dame as they faced off (and won!) against Boston College this weekend in South Bend, Indiana.

Xerox has been a Team Notre Dame sponsor for years — it’s one of many partnerships we have with leading sports and entertainment properties like Ducati, the NY Mets, Buffalo Bills, FBR Open, Universal and the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival.

We forge these partnerships to bring the Xerox brand to life and engage customers in compelling ways. We also work behind the scenes to help each of these organizations manage their document and information needs. This weekend I was on the Notre Dame campus with a group of clients, including several brave fans from Boston. Among the highlights: a tour of the Notre Dame locker room with its famous Play Like a Champion sign. (Kudos to Aspen Marketing Services who made sure all our guests had customized versions of Xerox’s Real Business magazine printed on the iGen4 just hours after the tour.)

The next day there was a pre-game chalk talk by two ND assistant coaches and innovation insights from Greg Lewis, dean of the College of Science who formerly worked at PARC. So what DOES Xerox do at Notre Dame? As the university’s official document partner, Xerox has an on-site print center, provides print management services to keep costs down and supports female engineering students with scholarships, among other things. There’s something special about Notre Dame — a passion and drive among students, faculty and staff that is true to the founder’s vision that this place should be “a force for good in the world.” It was nice to see the win against BC, but I would left impressed either way.

Ed Gala, VP, Global Experiential Marketing