Xerox display at South by Southwest Edu conference shows how teachers can simplify the grading and analysis of test results.

By Meliss Hankin, managing director of Financial Services Group, Education Services at Xerox.

What would educators, who are excited by the new digital direction of teaching and learning in the 21st century, consider to be cool and innovative?

StudentsHappy(Detail)How about a multifunction printer that not only corrects students’ tests, it also uses data analytics to show the teacher which students need more help on particular topics? We call it the Ignite Educator Support System, and we will display it at the South by Southwest Edu playground on March 3 through 6.

Despite the fact that Xerox is sponsoring the playground,  getting in is no small deal. You can’t buy a booth; invitations are extended only to people who are thought leaders in education, or companies that do truly innovative things in the education space. Xerox will be there because we are one of the few companies in the education space that conducts research and development across many sectors. This kind of broad thinking allows us to access great ideas.

And that takes us back to Ignite. Using advanced image capture technology, the software reads and analyzes students’ work in minutes. This frees the teachers’ time to apply Ignite’s detailed insights to their day-to-day instruction. This two-minute video gives you a fascinating look:

YouTube Preview Image

South by Southwest Edu is at the intersection of education reform, education technology, and education innovation.  It is truly the place where thousands of academics, administrators, inventors and investors meet to see, experience and share the transformational spirit that is happening in education today.

I’m very proud that this is one of those unexpected places where you will find Xerox.