Gregory Pings

Manager, Content Marketing

Gregory Pings is the editor of Xerox's Simplify Work blog, and a member of the editorial team for Xerox Global Communications. Greg is part of the team that helps you understand how Xerox is changing.

The Emerging World of Robotic Automation

By |Sep 8, 2015|

Technology is abuzz with limitless potential of automation – but which processes make the most sense for transformation?

Data Analytics Transforms Virginia Medicaid

By |Aug 14, 2015|

For a complex project with multiple partners, “quick” is not guaranteed, but failure is not an option.

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    Xerox’s ‘Wilson Rule’ Builds on Our Commitment to Diversity

Xerox’s ‘Wilson Rule’ Builds on Our Commitment to Diversity

By |Aug 4, 2015|

Our diverse backgrounds and perspectives allow us to gain the benefit of different ways of looking at our business.

An Overlooked Member of an Effective Healthcare Team

By |Aug 3, 2015|

Pharmacists are experts on medication, and patients see them more often than their own doctors.

Why You Can Thank Arthritis for the Photocopier

By |Jun 18, 2015|

The Smithsonian Channel tells the story of how Chester Carlson forever changed the way the world does business.