Gregory Pings

Manager, Content Marketing

Gregory Pings is the editor of Xerox's Simplify Work blog, and a member of the editorial team for Xerox Global Communications. Greg is part of the team that helps you understand how Xerox is changing.

Why You Can Thank Arthritis for the Photocopier

By |Jun 18, 2015|

The Smithsonian Channel tells the story of how Chester Carlson forever changed the way the world does business.

Stories from Africa: It’s Where You Find Opportunity

By |May 14, 2015|

A Kenyan woman’s journey to entrepreneurship.

Traffic Signals Go High Tech: Here’s How

By |Apr 27, 2015|

Traffic signals may never go away, but they’ll be more responsive to what’s on the road.

Doing Business at a Busy Intersection on Earth Day

By |Apr 22, 2015|

The intersection of business and the environment is busy all year long. So we publish environment-themed articles throughout the year.

Advice for Women Who Are Starting Their Careers

By |Mar 7, 2015|

Advice from 11 successful businesswomen: How to succeed in business by working hard, smart and bold.