Gregory Pings

Manager, Content Marketing

Gregory Pings is the editor of Xerox's Simplify Work blog, and a member of the editorial team for Xerox Global Communications. Greg is part of the team that helps you understand how Xerox is changing.

What Will Work Be Like in 10 Years?

By |Oct 30, 2015|

The answer is “more collaboration,” but that doesn’t mean what you think. The Future of Work Show visits PARC.

Data Analytics Transforms Virginia Medicaid

By |Aug 14, 2015|

For a complex project with multiple partners, “quick” is not guaranteed, but failure is not an option.

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    Xerox’s ‘Wilson Rule’ Builds on Our Commitment to Diversity

Xerox’s ‘Wilson Rule’ Builds on Our Commitment to Diversity

By |Aug 4, 2015|

Our diverse backgrounds and perspectives allow us to gain the benefit of different ways of looking at our business.

An Overlooked Member of an Effective Healthcare Team

By |Aug 3, 2015|

Pharmacists are experts on medication, and patients see them more often than their own doctors.

Why You Can Thank Arthritis for the Photocopier

By |Jun 18, 2015|

The Smithsonian Channel tells the story of how Chester Carlson forever changed the way the world does business.