Gregory Pings

Manager, Content Marketing

Gregory Pings is the editor of Xerox's Simplify Work blog, and a member of the editorial team for Between these publications -- and the great work from our social media and public relations organizations -- Greg is part of the team that helps you understand how Xerox is changing.

Stories from Africa: It’s Where You Find Opportunity

By |May 14, 2015|

*+-A Kenyan woman’s journey to entrepreneurship.

Traffic Signals Go High Tech: Here’s How

By |Apr 27, 2015|

*+-Traffic signals may never go away, but they’ll be more responsive to what’s on the road.

Doing Business at a Busy Intersection on Earth Day

By |Apr 22, 2015|

*+-The intersection of business and the environment is busy all year long. So we publish environment-themed articles throughout the year.

Two Ideas for Insurance Companies That Customers Will Love

By |Mar 9, 2015|

*+-These low-tech ideas can make doing business with insurance companies easier, and keep customers longer.

Advice for Women Who Are Starting Their Careers

By |Mar 7, 2015|

*+-Advice from 11 successful businesswomen: How to succeed in business by working hard, smart and bold.