Insurance Sector Acquisition a Good Fit for Xerox

By |Jun 2, 2014|

Our acquisition of ISG Holdings builds upon our success in the health insurance space.

Active Duties: How Companies Are Helping Military Spouses

By |May 23, 2014|

Even as companies hire more military veterans, the spouses of active duty servicemen and women also contribute valuable skills.

Xerox Research Centre Canada Partners with Battelle

By |May 21, 2014|

The last time we collaborated with Battelle, we literally changed the way work got done in offices around the world. Can we do it again?

Award-Winning Xerox Senior Leaders: Take a Bow

By |Apr 11, 2014|

From innovation to thought leadership, technology and more, Xerox and its executives are receiving recognition for their achievements. Bravo!

How Winning Companies Get Ahead

By |Apr 8, 2014|

Highlights from Xerox’s simple@work now available as a virtual event.