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Smartphones: Apple and Samsung vs. the Rest

By |Feb 27, 2014|

New data finds that breaking the smartphone duopoly won’t be easy. Apple boasts 76 percent brand retention and Samsung attracts 34 percent of all consumers switching

People Are Social and Mobile, and Government Should Be Too

By |Feb 6, 2014|

Government organizations should be where their constituents are – even in social media.
By Ron Woody, senior solution architect, Xerox Federal Solutions

With people spending an increasing amount

What Do Consumers Want in a Smartphone?

By |Nov 29, 2013|

Many U.S. consumers are intimidated by jargon and technical data. Retail associates must translate the latest features into real-world benefits.

By Tim Deluca-Smith, vice president of marketing

Customer Care: A Conundrum That Requires Innovation And Simplicity

By |Jul 8, 2013|

By Jarrod Johnson, vice president, Retail and Consumer Products, IT Services, Xerox

It’s an all too common experience.

A shopper is ready to buy and a sales associate