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‘Tis the Season: Give Holiday Gifts That Go Straight to the Heart

By |Dec 14, 2012|

By Robert Gilbreath, vice president, Ecommerce, Marketing & Analytics,

I love this time of year. The lights. The music. The parties. The spirit of giving. And

Unexpected Ways to Grab Your Audience With Print

By |Nov 20, 2012|

By Bob Wagner, director, Global Communications, Technology Business

As we become more and more saturated with digital media, some marketers and creatives are taking a fresh look

How to Stand Out in a Digitally Overwhelmed World: PRINT!

By |Nov 9, 2012|

The demise of the print version of the venerable Newsweek Magazine is the latest in a string of reminders that print is in decline. Still, examples of print’s vitality—its ongoing relevance in a digitally overwhelmed world—continue to catch my eye. Here are two recent examples I’ve come across that demonstrate marks on pages are still meaningful in many bold and believable ways

Old Friends, New Acquaintances and My Graph Expo Twitter Feed

By |Oct 8, 2012|

Bob Wagner, director of Global Communications for the Xerox Technology Business shares Xerox’s plans for the Graph Expo trade show taking place in Chicago this week.

Graph Expo: Where Print and Electronic Media Meet

By |Oct 5, 2012|

Jeff Jacobson, president of Xerox Global Graphic Communications, discusses how the graphic communications industry is in the midst of a transformation centered around the intersection of print and electronic media. Jeff speaks to how Xerox has developed an organization solely focused on the graphic communications industry – lockstep with print providers are reinventing themselves and strengthening the industry to be a sought-after communications resource.