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Is Your Office Ready to Go Paper…Less?

By |Feb 11, 2014|

The amount of paper we use at work may finally have started to fall, but it’s not doing so at any great rate. Why is that?

Sales Tales and Career Perspectives: 50 Years at Xerox

By |Jan 13, 2014|

Much has changed at Xerox in 50 years, but our customer-centered orientation on simplicity has not.
By Sherry M. Adler, Xerox contributor

From collecting tomato boxes to

Update on Scanning Issue: Software Patches To Come

By |Aug 7, 2013|

Posted on Aug. 22, 10:00amET

Editor’s Note: The first wave of software patches is now available. Please read our latest blog post for more details.

Posted on Aug.

Ratings And Reviews: The Growing Importance Of Online Resources In The Buying Process

By |Jul 23, 2013|

By Alan Clark, manager, Product Marketing, Xerox Europe

Remember the old days when you had to go to shops and showrooms to browse before you bought something?

Unleashing Your Mobile Workforce – Securely

By |Jun 12, 2013|

By Rick Dastin, president, Office and Solutions Business Group, Xerox

Any device connected to the Internet – an iPad, a computer, even an MRI machine – has