How Do You Simplify the Way Work Gets Done? Share Your Tips

By |Mar 12, 2014|

Be part of the simple@work conversation, even if you are unable to attend in-person: #SimpleAtWork.

No, 3D Printing Is Not New; but It Is Changing

By |Mar 10, 2014|

No longer limited to plastic prototypes, the value of the 3D printing market is set to triple to $6 billion by 2017. Here’s a roundup of insights on 3D printing.

Is Your Office Ready to Go Paper…Less?

By |Feb 11, 2014|

The amount of paper we use at work may finally have started to fall, but it’s not doing so at any great rate. Why is that?

Never Miss a Match Again – Tennis Broadcast Info, Simplified

By |Feb 7, 2014|

Women’s Tennis Association introduces “WTA TV, Developed by Xerox,” which allows fans to easily find the latest broadcast information for Premier events.
By Christine DeNering, program manager,

3 Things That Small and Medium Sized Businesses Need

By |Jan 27, 2014|

Small business expert Gene Marks helps us identify what small businesses need to succeed.
By David Bates, vice president, Marketing & eCommerce, North American Resellers for Xerox