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Is Personalization Cool? Or Not Cool?

Nov 9, 2015|Customer Focus|

Research on consumers’ view of data sharing shows a divide, but it’s not just an age thing.

Xerox Healthcare Wins Big with Telehealth Innovation

Nov 2, 2015|General, Healthcare|

2015 Corporate Entrepreneur Awards says Xerox telehealth solution is an idea whose time has come.

What Will Work Be Like in 10 Years?

Oct 30, 2015|Innovation|

The answer is “more collaboration,” but that doesn’t mean what you think. The Future of Work Show visits PARC.

Citizenship Report Celebrates Our Commitment and Passion

Oct 22, 2015|Social Responsibility|

Learn more about our positive contributions to local communities and to the world.

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    Xerox Stands with the Obama Administration on Climate Pledge

Xerox Stands with the Obama Administration on Climate Pledge

Oct 19, 2015|Social Responsibility|

We build on our successful environmental programs by committing to the American Business Act on Climate Pledge and announcing more climate action