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Your Data is Your Pulse: Don’t Let Your Company Flat-Line

May 14, 2015|Data|

+-*Optimism tempered by challenges.

Stories from Africa: It’s Where You Find Opportunity

May 14, 2015|Corporate|

+-*A Kenyan woman’s journey to entrepreneurship.

What Transit Agencies Must Know About the EMV Requirement

May 11, 2015|Transportation|

+-*New standard will help prevent credit card fraud, but only if transit agencies upgrade fare collection systems to accept chip payments.

3 Selfish Strategies That Help Introverts Succeed

May 8, 2015|Human Resources|

+-*An introvert has figured out how she succeeds in a role that favors extroverts.

Invite Your Contact Center into Your Boardroom Today

May 6, 2015|Customer Focus|

+-*The value-added contact center is a problem preventer, not an issue management center.