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Green Hacks, Earth Day and Activism

Apr 20, 2016|Earth Day|

Xerox employees are the heart and soul and champions of sustainability. Meet two of them.

Four Indispensable Roles for Your Learning Group

Apr 18, 2016|human resources|

Four roles that keep Learning & Development organizations grounded in the 21st century.

The Truth About Trip Planning Apps

Apr 15, 2016|Innovation, Transportation|

Trip planning apps get more difficult to design as you add more options. But you don’t care about that.

Meet the Artist Who Draws Healthcare

Apr 13, 2016|Healthcare|

A visual play-by-play of HIMSS 2016 by Regina Holliday, founder of The Walking Gallery.

Data Analytics Identify Risks for Depression and Suicide

Apr 11, 2016|Healthcare|

Pharmacists are the most accessible of healthcare providers. They can spot developing conditions more quickly.