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Email Survival Guide: 3 Do’s and Don’ts

Apr 4, 2015|General|

Whether you love it or hate it, email is necessary for many of us to perform our jobs.

How to Shape Your Future Business Outsourcing Strategy

Apr 3, 2015|Customer Focus|

Often, your clients don’t need “game-changers.” But they always need something that benefits the business.

Time to Fix Your Customer Support Representatives

Apr 2, 2015|Customer Focus|

What your customers expect when they call: First and foremost, kill the “stupid rule.”

Early for Earth Day: Parking and Printing Get Better

Apr 1, 2015|Earth Day, Social Responsibility|

Parking and printing are more efficient and better for the environment. Two of our offerings receive the Environmental Leader Product & Project Award.

  • Stephen Little, chief information officer at Xerox
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    ‘CIOs Aren’t Just Technologists, We’re Business Leaders’

‘CIOs Aren’t Just Technologists, We’re Business Leaders’

Mar 31, 2015|Information Technology|

IT organizations are much more than a group of technologists.