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The Generation Z Workforce: What to Expect

Sep 5, 2014|Human Resources|

Gen Z has the potential to be a tremendous workforce. This Gen Z intern explains why.

Big Data Simplifies How Parents Research School Districts

Sep 3, 2014|Data|

Part of an education hackathon, a team of Xerox researchers developed a tool that simplifies how Massachusetts residents research school districts.

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    For Labor Day: ‘Let’s Keep Starring Man in the Royal Role’

For Labor Day: ‘Let’s Keep Starring Man in the Royal Role’

Sep 1, 2014|Human Resources|

From our archives, former Xerox CEO Joe Wilson reflected on the men and women who provide value to our work, and give meaning to our changing world.

Introducing the World’s Most Perfect Shopping Spree

Aug 29, 2014|Innovation, Next 75|

Gazing into the crystal ball, we see virtual shopping, data analytics and 3D printing converging at your favorite retail outlet in 75 years.

Global Retailers Share a Winning Imperative: The Worker

Aug 27, 2014|Services|

Retail executives know that their in-store employees are critical to their companies’ success. But what do employees need? How do you help them succeed?