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4 tips to earn and keep loyalty in a multi-channel world

Jul 27, 2016|Customer Focus|

Four insights that can keep your customers engaged and loyal, regardless of how they contact you.

How to verify trust: the Caltrans results

Jul 25, 2016|Transportation|

Counting passengers in cars on highways, technology achieves 95% accuracy, versus 36% for humans.

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    Xerox is a ‘Health 2.0 Ten Year Global Retrospective’ nominee

Xerox is a ‘Health 2.0 Ten Year Global Retrospective’ nominee

Jul 23, 2016|Healthcare|

Xerox has been nominated for Health 2.0’s Ten Year Global Retrospective Award: Cast your vote now.

Trust but verify: The challenge of carpool lanes

Jul 22, 2016|Transportation|

HOV lanes work only if you can trust there are enough passengers in the car. We can verify that.

How Automation and Analytics are Changing Customer Care

Jul 18, 2016|Business Process Outsourcing, Customer Focus, Robotic Process Automation, Services|

How automation, self service, analytics and personalization are changing the way organizations interact with customers