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Creating liveable cities

By |Oct 14, 2016|

Xerox transport experts share ideas and views at Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress and Exhibition in Melbourne

Free water, but only if you protect it

By |Jul 1, 2016|

How does The Nature Conservancy help people understand where their water comes from?

Building one of the world’s leading jazz festivals

By |Jun 28, 2016|

How our jazz festival grew and contributes millions annually to our local economy.

2015 – Xerox Social Year in Review

By |Jan 4, 2016|

We looked back at 2015 and found the top social posts you liked, shared and talked about.

5 Reasons Why Automation Will Improve and Expand in 2016

By |Dec 23, 2015|

Xerox executive says automation is ready to break out and disrupt “business as usual.”