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Turning good ideas into customer advantages

Oct 18, 2016|Innovation - Services|

Xerox Services recognized by the Product Development and Management Association with the 2016 Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award.

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    Opioid abuse-deterrent formulations: A public health priority

Opioid abuse-deterrent formulations: A public health priority

Oct 17, 2016|Healthcare|

These technologies can’t prevent opioid abuse, but they can deter it.

Creating liveable cities

Oct 14, 2016|Transportation|

Xerox transport experts share ideas and views at Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress and Exhibition in Melbourne

Digital business transformation: disruption or opportunity?

Oct 14, 2016|Business Process Outsourcing, Robotic Process Automation|

The next frontier of progress: Improve work itself.

Not Your Father’s Mailroom

Oct 13, 2016|Business Process Outsourcing, Services|

What happens when a document shows up at a mailroom? Answer: Three things happen very quickly.